SRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing (ERC)

                                                          **  Bringing Sustainability to Semiconductor Manufacturing **

A multi-university research center leading the way to environmentally friendly semiconductor manufacturing, sponsored by the Semiconductor Research Corporation's Global Research Collaboration (GRC) Research Program

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Student Instruction:



When you join a ERC Research Group, you are required to register with the Semiconductor Research Corporation (see their guidelines below) via their website as follows:

New or continuing students NOT on record with SRC need to:
.  New students must register for an account using their university email address. When you register, be sure to tell us that you're a student at that time.
2.  Once registered, complete the Academic Information form.

3.  Per the PI/TL, your Research ID is XXX and your Task ID is XXX.XXX

Current students registered with SRC need to:
1.  Remember to update personal profile, academic information & upload resumes, go to My SRC page/My Tools. 
2.  All students and Postdocs must post a current resume and verify their graduation or “completion date.”

And remember:
1. Upon your graduation OR if you are no longer working with  your ERC research project, you must complete your 'exit information' on the “Update My Academic Information” form.  
2.  If you have question regarding accessing the SRC website or difficulties you may be experiencing with entering data, please contact: 

    Lee Ann Clewell,     Fellowship/Scholarship Administrator
Student/Alumni Programs & Member Support Coordinator
Semiconductor Research Corporation / SRC Education Alliance
919.941.9444(p) / 919.941.9450 (f)


SRC Student and Postdoctoral Researcher Information and Guidelines:

Student information is collected and stored in the SRC student database as the definitive record of student participation in SRC sponsored research. The information is used for distribution to member companies and guiding the continuous improvement of student programs.

New Student/Postdoctoral Researcher information should be submitted for students and postdoctoral researchers participating in SRC funded research programs as soon as they are identified. This information can be entered once a student comes to the website and signs up for a web account. Students and Postdocs participating on SRC research should indicate they are a student during the account registration process and answer all the questions in the Student Profile section to obtain a student account. Student accounts will allow web access to research information and tools. Students and postdocs are also encouraged to load resumes onto the site for recruiters.

Students should edit their information via the SRC website once their research participation is over. Information requested will include graduation dates, research completion dates, reasons for ending participation, employment information, etc.

Student information is very important to our members and is reported frequently. The accuracy of the data depends on students supplying correct data and keeping all data updated. Members use this data for hiring and funding decisions. Please help us keep the data as current as possible.